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How to Make a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – Video

Here is a video link to Dun & Bradstreet’s hangout session from January 22, featuring Jeffrey Bekiares. This session features insights into what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign–including rewards and equity based. Jeff’s perspective focuses equity crowdfunding and crafting the right approach to a winning campaign. Equity crowdfunding is similar to rewards in many ways, in […]

Equity Crowdfunding in 2015

It’s a good time for small and emerging businesses to think about what the landscape for capital raising will look for the rest of 2015. The traditional channels will likely be unchanged: bank loans (if you can get them), angel investors (if you are a tech company based in San Francisco), or venture capital (if you […]

Equity Crowdfunding and SEC Rules

THE RISE OF “QUASI-PUBLIC OFFERINGS” REFLECTIONS FROM THE NASAA CONFERENCE As I prepare to deliver remarks at the NASAA Corporation Finance Training Conference in St. Louis this weekend, it has provided a cause for reflection on over three years marking the rise of what I would term as “quasi-public offerings”. Trends in corporation finance laws at […]