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Should a New Company File Multiple Patents or One Big Patent?

A client recently asked: I have a few inventions and I’m wondering if I can save money by combining them into a single provisional patent application? Your Patent Portfolio should always be developed with your business goals in mind. I passed the question back to the client and asked, what do you intend to do […]

How Do I Add Details to My Invention After I Filed for a Patent?

I’ve added additional details to my invention/idea but I’ve already filed for patent. Can I modify my patent application after I’ve already filed it? A very common question indeed. The break down is quite easy to understand when following this logic:   ADDING NEW SUBJECT MATTER Any Patent-Pending Application, whether it is Provisional or Non-Provisional, cannot […]

When Should I Convert My Provisional Patent Application to a Non-Provisional Utility Patent?

I usually get asked the question: If I rush to convert my provisional to a non-provisional patent filing, does that reduce the risk of someone having a third party receiving a patent on the same subject matter? Typically, there is NO rush in filing the non-provisional utility patent application once you’ve already secured a provisional […]

I Received a Provisional Patent Filing Receipt in the Mail – What Does It Mean?

A provisional patent application filing receipt indicates that the USPTO has granted you a patent priority date. The patent priority date is the same day as your patent filing date in the case of a provisional patent application filing. From this date forward, you have 12 months to file a non-provisional patent application claiming priority […]