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Intellectual Property 102 – Identifying, Securing, Capitalizing, and Early Stage Enforcement

Legal mistakes can doom even the best startup concepts and founding teams. It is important to know who owns the IP, the proper timing for registration, and how to enforce your legal rights. This presentation gives you a legal road map to successfully safeguard your product or idea. If you are interested in more detail related […]

Can You Add Another Person to Your Patent Application?

“If I filed for a provisional patent as the sole inventor, is it possible to add another inventor when filing for the nonprovisional patent if he makes a contribution to the invention?” You may add additional inventors to your non-provisional application.  The non-provisional must have at least one inventor in common with the provisional patent […]

Public Disclosure – What Happens If Someone Files for a Patent Before You Do?

If an inventor disclosed his/her invention to his partners/university/employer, probably had some form of public disclosure, but did not have a provisional patent – what happens if a person with a similar invention had a provisional patent filed which could come after the first inventor’s disclosure? Which inventor gets the patent? The inventor entitled to […]