Entries by Yuri L. Eliezer, Esq.

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks New Overtime Law

On November 23, 2016, a federal Judge in Texas issued an order temporarily barring the Department of Labor (“DOL”) from enforcing its much-publicized new overtime rule, just over one week before the rule’s December 1 effective date. As explained HERE, the new rule would have represented a landmark change to the overtime rules under the […]

On December 1, Are You Ready for the New Overtime Laws?

In a few short weeks, most startups and small businesses will be required to either raise the salaries of employees making less than $47,467.00, or else risk paying overtime wages. Effective December 1, 2016, updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act are significantly limiting the category of employees who can be classified as “exempt” from compulsory […]

Is Your Company’s Hire Properly Classified as an Independent Contractor?

Virtually every young company struggles to properly classify workers as independent contractors or employees. Initially, when everyone involved in a startup is working on a part-time basis and pursuing other interests, it is easier to justify an independent contractor designation for most workers. But as the organization increases in stability and the first few hires […]